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The fun doesn't end when you walk outside. Let us show you how great the outdoors can be.
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Outdoor Televisions & Speakers

Expand your living area without a remodel by adding an outdoor television and speaker system to your backyard. It's the perfect solution for college game days, parties, even movie nights with the kids. Spend time outside enjoying the Florida sun with an all-weather TV by your grill. The possibilities are limitless.

Trinity Home Automation can show you how an outdoor entertainment system can transform the way you enjoy the outdoors. We'll show you how to get the most out of your outdoor entertainment system. Get in touch for your free in-home consultation.

Services We Provide:

  • Outdoor Televisions
  • Landscape Speakers
  • Patio Speakers
  • Outdoor Wifi
  • Sun Shades
  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Pool & Jacuzzi Control
  • and more.
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Placing landscape speakers along walkways, around gathering areas, and pools is a recipe for a sound system that blends into the landscape while wowing your guests at the same time.


Ground breaking bass

In-ground subwoofers buried inconspicuously into the landscape. This means you can add a powerful subwoofer to any landscaping without it being visible or taking up precious patio space.



We'll connect your outdoor speaker system to your existing WiFi network. Control the volume, playlists, and the entire system from your mobile device. If your existing WiFi isn't up to the task, we can help there too.

Designed For Your Backyard

Outdoor speakers are great for entertaining guests or just hanging outside by the pool. We can't think of anything better in the backyard than good friends, good food, and good music.

There is a wide array of outdoor speakers available. From a simple pair of all-weather speakers to a state of the art landscape speaker system designed specifically for your backyard living area.

The magic of a landscape speaker system is the ability to fill your entire backyard with a full rich sound while not disturbing the neighbors.

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